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Ecowater – It’s That Good

The name Ecowater represents quality and excellence within the water purification industry. Known for its best in class technological innovations, Ecowater has been setting the standards for the industry since 1925. Today our expertise is second to none; we are the world’s largest manufacturer of residential water treatment systems.

Our own Ecowater location in Long Prairie has been serving the area since 1975 and our service professionals’ 75 combined years of experience guarantees you the cleanest drinking water possible. We know that not all water is the same; differing in taste, texture, smell and appearance. That’s why we test your water to identify the right Ecowater product for you. Whether you’re selecting a water system for a new home or if you’re just in need of better tasting water, the benefits in selecting an Ecowater System are guaranteed.


Our water treatment systems are easier on your fixtures; the water from an Ecowater system will not stain your faucets, shower heads and washers, and they can almost double the life of your water heater. Our systems will provide you with clearer, safer, better tasting drinking water.

Ecowater-Great tasting waterThe system right for your home is out there and the experts at Ecowater want to help you find it. It’s time to start filling your family’s glasses with clean, pure, great tasting water from Ecowater.

EcowaterWe have an expanded service area that includes: Long Prairie – Sauk Centre – Grey Eagle – Clarissa – Browerville – Eagle Bend – Little Falls – Etc.

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